“We’ve found no other book, class or DVD that teaches the production process like the (Digital Cinema Course)...an amazing education that touches on just about every production topic imaginable.”

Helmut Kobler, Indie Slate Magazine Issue #50 “Seriously Indie”

“This series provides an incredible wealth of information previously attainable only at school or on set. The price places it firmly in the reach of most independent filmmakers making it readily accessible.”

Kendal Miller, Digital Cinema Course DVD Review

“It's such a massive quantity of material, that I'm still in the process of watching it, and I want to let you know that it really shows that the entire production first and for all is a labor of Love! It really shows that it was made by Cinema professionals who, perhaps for the first time, love to share their trade the way it REALLY is and also in its ENTIRETY.”

vfvandijk from Kortenhoef, The Netherlands

“There's more info here than War And Peace, and that's a good thing.”

Jason Francois from Gold Canyon, AZ

“I honestly can't imagine a more thorough and complete filmmaking learning experience than this.”

James Demo from Cambridge, MA

“The quality of this entire project blew me away and the manual is stunning!”

David Regenthal from Tuckerton, NJ

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learn basic and advanced camera operation

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learn audio gear & recording operation

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learn how to communicate with and direct actors

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learn how to write and format a screenplay

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learn greenscreen & bluescreen lighting and filming

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learn how to survive & thrive on a production set

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