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Digital Cinema Training is a Filmmaker training resource offering the Digital Cinema Filmmaker's Training Course. It's 45+ hours of filmmaking savvy, wisdom, examples, tips and tricks, presented by people who work in Hollywood day in, day out.

In the industry magazine Indie Slate (Issue 50), reviewer Helmut Kobler reported, “We’ve found no other book, class or DVD that teaches the production process like the DCC... an amazing education that touches on just about every production topic imaginable.” Please visit our website at www.DigitalCinemaTraining.com for more information.


2006 -
Digital Cinema Training was launched, with the release of the following volumes: Gear Guide Volume 1, Basic Production, Movie Production.
2007 -
DCT releases Gear Guide Volume 2 and Advanced Lighting Series
2009 -
DCT releases Advanced Movie Production volume to record sales.
2011 -
DCT releases Actor's Training Guide and Gear Guide Volume 3 on Blu-ray and DVD combo Packs.
2013 -
DCT adds Flash Drive with compact files from course materials.
2015 -
DCT moves to External Hard Drive & Flash Drive options.


Digital Cinema Training Volumes

DCT has released 9 volumes to date:

"I want to publicly thank you for putting together this course. I honestly can't imagine a more thorough and complete filmmaking learning experience than this. It is obvious that you put in a great deal of time and effort to produce this series and I admire the level of professionalism you and your team were able to accomplish. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in learning the art and technique of filmmaking. For beginners I think it is essential and for professionals it will codify and organize most of the things you already know; or should be doing and aren't. As the forum has helped me with the 'what,' you have now provided the 'how.' All the best!"
James Demo (Cambridge, MA)

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