Actors Training Guide

The DCT-ATG volume: •Grow a work-and-prep ethic and learn your craft. •Explore the process of film acting, with your Acting Instructor and Coach, Stephen Heu. •Prepare, rehearse and perform a scene from Mr. Heu's unpublished script titled "THE CAMERA". •Find & interview an acting coach, and build a reputation that will serve you for years. •Stephen will help you understand how to prepare the "wholeness" of a role prior to filming. •When you have worked and discovered and explored your character, you’ll be prepared for whatever scene, whatever contingency as best as you can be. •If you know how to prepare your character in such a way that you make it easy for the director, the DP and all the other actors, you'll inspire everyone.

Subjects covered in the Lesson segment The Audition; the Sides; the Look; the Script; the Process; exploring the Character; finding Identity; Believability and the Organic Performance; the Struggle; Impressions and the Seasons; Subtext, content underneath the spoken dialog; Empathy, Living the moment; Inspiring other actors; Slowing down; Exercises; How to not abandon the character; Working on lessons; Honing our craft; The actor's goals and the audience's goals; Loaning emotions to a character; Catharsis; Dealing with separation anxiety; Stage and Film acting differences.

Subjects covered in the Performance segment Holding the last look; Slowing down, taking a beat; Matching other actors' level; Retrieve then speak; Controlling the words; Proper breathing; Right to speak; To edit, criticize, or judge an actor; Stretching the emotion; Muscle for Continuing; Looking at an actor as part of the whole script, as part of your own emotional process; Involving the character; Intuition; Learning the process of rehearsal and abandoning the script; Find where your gifts are and utilize them to the fullest; Sharpening your tools; Understanding the process and the script, internalizing the information and LIVING the characters; using blocking to convey emotion.

•Bonus: Fully searchable digital handbook as a downloadable document. •Graphics will speed up the learning of the material for your long-term memory. •After each short section, there will be a Q & A review to refresh what you've just learned. •A final review at the end of the program imprints the information. •BONUS: Audio interviews included. •Includes pdf files of: DCT-ATG Handbook, DCT-ATG Study Guide, DCT-ATG Transcript, and a Script.