Advanced Movie Production

We took it further. Much further. The all-new DCT-AMP Advanced Movie Production Volume. The DCT-AMP volume is the crowning achievement of the Digital Cinema Course. It has taken two full years of work to complete. Learn all about set etiquette, communication, decision-making, and real-life production. Watch how a production company made a full feature film, for little money, in only 12 days. Follow the crew as they work alongside motivated cast, a passionate director, and a jovial producer.

Watch how the whole adventure unfolded, on 8 DVDs, for 15 hours of education and fun. No punches are pulled: You’ll see us going through all the highs and lows. Get to know cast and crew like you never did before. Live life through their eyes. Share in their triumphs. See our very own Rush Hamden working as a cinematographer on a set, taking orders, doing his best. Witness the crew experiencing effects of fatigue, illness, and shortage of hands. The finished film is an actual DVD that can be purchased from Amazon.Bonus: Fully searchable 67-page detailed minute by minute DVD Guide as a downloadable document. We