DCT-COMP: Digital Keying Guide teaches how to create believable Compositing images. The DCT-MP/COMMAND Digital Cinema Course teaches basic principles of Compositing, but the DCT-COMP goes one step further. It concentrates on Lighting the Green or Blue Screen Background, Lighting Foreground Plate and Subject, Matching Fore-to-Background, Camera Settings, Using Keying Hardware, Directing Actors, Keying in Post, Using Keying Software and much more. As you progress in your filmmaking career, you will be called upon to film a scene that is to be composited over another background. The only way to do that is to film the action against a color (green or blue) screen, then remove that color in post, and composite the action onto the desired background. Sounds simple.

In fact, it is a very complicated procedure that goes beyond setting up two actors against a green paper background. It is a procedure that requires planning, scripting, charting, very accurate lighting, specific direction of actors, and color-matched post compositing. The DCT-COMP 4 DVD series will teach you all that, and more. It goes into great detail, from lighting to post. It teaches you how to set the height and angle of the background camera, match it to the foreground camera. As far as lighting, it teaches matching the color, direction, and intensity of the subject's instruments with the background natural light. Then it delves deeper with an action scene that teaches you how to blend action elements with proper direction for actor eyelines. The final DVD teaches post production compositing, and also contains a 3.5 GB full HD 1080i file with all the elements you need to build your own action scene for practice. Just copy it to your PC or MAC, drop it into your favorite compositing program, and have fun.