Intermediate Audio

DCT-A102: Intermediate Audio Guide is a special focus on Microphones, Mixers, Recorders, Cables, and Wireless Systems. The DCT-MP/COMMAND Digital Cinema Course teaches basic principles of Audio, but the DCT-A102 goes one step further. It concentrates on Electret Mics, Dynamic Mics, Condenser Mics, Mixers, Lowcut and Pads, Hard Disk Recorders, Mic Suspension Mounts, Audio Snake Cables, Wireless Systems and much more. The more your filmmaking experience increases, the more likely you will rely on professional audio gear. Pro Audio gear performs better, lasts longer, is more robust, generates less noise in the audio stream, and offers much greater flexibility in controlling your sound. This volume teaches the principles of recording "safe audio", from selecting the right location, to using the right mic for the job, to recording on CF cards or Hard Disk. All these points plus many more are addressed in the DCT-A102.