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A Message from the President of DCT

This testimonial page is an amalgam of several sources. Some are forums, some are emails, and others are reviews on Amazon or other sites. They are all genuine, and if you do some searching, you’ll find the same reviews posted on other 3rd party sites. As a means to encourage your faith in us, we have included several links where you can seek and post reviews about us. Please bear in mind, no individual course, book, DVD or class can fully prepare you for a any career. The Digital CInema Course is a big piece of the filmmaking puzzle, but there are still other pieces. Namely, once you finish the course, it is critical to put your education into practice by making your own movies. Also, it is imperative to work on other peoples’ movies as an unpaid intern, so that you can learn from the mistakes of other professionals. Keeping that in mind, please season your reviews and testimonials with the spices of maturity and kindness, knowing that we have always faithfully tried to give you the best value for your money, and the best support we can. Thank you and God bless you.

30 year film career in a box
Posted by JKim on Amazon

I received the DCT disks yesterday and watched the first three disks straight through. I can't say enough about these DVDs. They are AWESOME! I learned more about how to make a movie from the disks I've watched so far than the entire stack of film theory books I've read. Even if you're in film school, you should consider buying these. The disks are laid out in an extremely effective way. What they do is teach you how to make a movie while a professional crew sets up each shot. As they work, each professional talks to you about the equipment they are setting up, why they are doing it, why that particular model/brand of equipment, how to do it safely, and so on. Each of the people setting up the various shots is an industry professional and it's amazing to see how efficiently they work. Also as they work, the narrator walks you through various practical tips and theories that help you tie everything together. These DVDs are the closest thing to learning by working on a real set. However if you were working on a real set, nobody would have the time to keep explaining things to you. Also, you'd be stuck doing only one or two specific tasks vs. learning the entire range of skills needed on the set. This is the best practical resource for filmmakers you'll ever find. You could literally watch these disks, skip film school, and then learn by making your own movies.

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There's more info here than War And Peace!
Posted by Jason Francois from Gold Canyon, AZ

Just ordered a set and i can't wait. It sounds like it will be good for somebody like myself who has experience, but doesn't get much practice.
I'm really looking forward to it and I'm glad to hear such positive comments.

More from Customer after receiving course:
Just got my set last night and started watching.
OH MY GOD!!!! The presentation is wonderful and the narration is perfect.
I'm a film-school graduate but have a feeling that during the course of this series i'm going to learn a lot more from a technical standpoint than I did in thousands of hours of schooling. I'm really a writer/producer/director that wants to make the transition to a modern version of filmmaker, which means knowing not only the logistics of filmmaking, but the technical as well. I can tell right now that this series is going to go a long way towards making this feasible. I will report more later, but at the moment you've taken my breath away. For only a bit over $$$ I feel like I'm getting away with something criminal.

More from Customer after viewing course:
But wait there's more!!!! I still haven't gotten through half of the series....these things take time. There's more info here than War And Peace, and that's a good thing. With this much info you would expect that some of the DVD's would falter in there professionalism or energy, but it's not the case. Whenever it's just a small crew showing lighting, etc. there's always plenty going on to keep the mind flowing. I just had a bad experience trying to get my project done (still not done), but watching this series makes me want to get back out there right away. Ah, to hell with it...I'm going to get back behind the camera on a feature film. It must be the training. Thanks Rush and team. I hope one day to give a bit more formulated criticism, but until then let me just say "you rock!!!" and I'm not a fan of that term usually, but in this case you really really do rock!!!

I want to publicly thank you for putting together this course.
Posted by James Demo from Cambridge, MA

I want to publicly thank you for putting together this course. I honestly can't imagine a more thorough and complete filmmaking learning experience than this. It is obvious that you put in a great deal of time and effort to produce this series and I admire the level of professionalism you and your team were able to accomplish. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in learning the art and technique of filmmaking. For beginners I think it is essential and for professionals it will codify and organize most of the things you already know; or should be doing and aren't. As the forum has helped me with the "what," you have now provided the "how." All the best!

The quality of this entire project blew me away and the manual is stunning!
Posted by David Regenthal from Tuckerton, NJ

I received my update in the mail yesterday. The quality of this entire project blew me away and the manual is stunning! I wish something this well thought out, organized, and presented has been available when I was first getting into this business. Well, I can't go back but I don't mind saying publicly that I have learned, or at least, gained a more complete understanding of a number of things. And given your attention to detail I feel that I learned something I already knew "all over again" if that makes any sense . . .
You are not asking enough for this professional library of information (Really) -- Not to suggest that this is only for beginners because clearly it's not but for anyone even relatively new to digital film making it is absolutely a "must have." There are a number of useful series out there but this one is head and shoulders above the rest . . . its great! Thank you (and wishing your much deserved success).
P.S. Did I mention I liked it? More from customer: Well I was (expecting that level of quality) . . . and man is it! Absolutely SMOK'IN!!! Very, very nice Rush -- wish this had been available a long time ago . . . I would have saved a lot of money on books. Guys, if you don't have it, or have it on order you better step up, it's really good. Thanks Rush!

The person who goes that extra mile produces the better product.
Posted by Ray Frisby from Waterford, Ireland

Just recieved my additional lighting and production DVD's, Kudos to you Rush on producing an excellent product, it just shows the person who goes that extra mile produces the better product. Well done !!

Posted by Corey Culp from Los Angeles, CA

I viewed the sampler videos of the new Gear Guide, and I have to repeat myself once again on these forums, "THANK YOU!" You and your crew have put together something that is going to spawn some incredible work from some future "filmmaker" that will blow us away.

Is there any possibility of a "blind" subscription of your upcoming DVD's?
Posted by Tom Edwards from Schwetzingen, Germany

Hi Rush, your new website looks excellent. The new professional design is much more equivalent to your Digital Cinema Filmmaker's Training Course than the old one. I just placed my order for the GG07 - no need to watch any samples before. Is there any possibility of a "blind" subscription of your upcoming DVD's?

I know I am in good hands.
Posted by Dustin McKim from Oxnard, CA

Customer Query: Is this set the best for beginers or pro's?
DCT response: It is for both. There is a lot in there for everyone. It starts you out slowly with a 2DVD Basic Production set, and works into a full 6DVD production course. Especially with the Lighting Set. That has 10 advanced Lighting exercises on 4 DVDs covering most difficult lighting situations that you will find yourself in. So you're getting many DVDs as part of the training.
Customer Response: Hi rush just want to say i have placed my order because honestly you seem to really believe in your product and know what you are talking about so i know i am in good hands.

The first thing I've seen that so well illustrated exactly what to do regarding lighting!
Posted by Brad Edwards from Clinton, MS

Just wanted to say that I got the course DVDs in the mail yesterday. I immediately popped the first one into the drive on my Mac to just get a quick glimpse. I must say that I was really surprised by the quality. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. In ended up watching the first 2 dvd's yesterday! Now, I am a newbie, for sure. I've been trying to learn everything I can for a while now and more recently -- specifically more on photography (which is my reason for checking this forum on a daily basis). I've read a lot of things... like The Guerilla Film Makers books, the make-a-movie-for-the-price-of-a-used-car-type books, $30 Film School, Rebel Without A Crew, etc., etc. I even watched that Troma crap dvd set: Make Your Own Damn Movie! They all pretty much had something to contribute to my knowledge, but they all still left me feeling like I still didn't know what I really needed to know -- the specific nuts-and-bolts. They all do a good job of basically saying the following: 1) Come up with a story with a strong hook, etc. Beginning-Middle-End. 2) Talk everyone into giving you great deals on equipment. 3) Rustle up wanna-be's to act for you. Feed them! 4) Get a cheap computer. Edit. 5) Market it. Find a distributor! And after each point, this pretty much follows: 1) Read Syd Fields. Read Hero's Journey. Read Robert McKee. Read as many screenplays as you can find.... day and night! 2) Learn how to use the equipment on your own. Ask someone how or read the manual! 3) Read Directing Actors! 4) Learn how to use editing software. 5) Do some digging. Find someone who might be interested in your crap! Gee thanks! Now, I don't think this series will answer ALL of my questions... but I must say that, especially disk 2 (on lighting) was VERY thorough. I've got PAINTING WITH LIGHT -- but I must confess, I've not been able to read it without nodding off. But the Digital Cinema Course is the first thing I've seen that so well illustrated exactly what to do regarding lighting! I only hope that the rest of the DVDs are as good -- and right now, I see no reason why they wouldn't be. Rush has gone above and beyond. The quality and the instruction are great. If you are sitting on the fence regarding this purchase, I would suggest getting off and making the purchase!

You can count on my order!
Posted by Brandon Fraley from Monterey, CA

Customer Query: rush, I'm trying to gather enough money to buy your set. Assuming I manage, how soon will you mail out the next batch? BTW, as for your garuantee, I've very interested in your lighting content, if after all 6 hours, if I honestly believe I didn't get anything out of it, will you refund me? I ask because im a stuggling student and can't waste cash on dvds covering material I already know (which has happened recently).
DCT Response: Hi CS, yes I will. First, because I believe in the power of the Course with all my heart. Second, I'll take a risk on you, because you are taking a risk on me. “The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from the shore.” -Dale Carnegie
Customer Response: In which case you can count on my order! : )

I have really enjoyed the course and I know that I will learn a great deal by watching.
Posted by Timothy Jorgensen from Edmonton, KY

Received mine a couple of days ago. I just finished the first disc this afternoon (when I was supposed to be working). Being new to the filmmaking world I knew that I knew very little about the process. But now I realize I know even less than I thought I did. Is that confusing? Anyway, so far I have really enjoyed the course and I know that I will learn a great deal by watching. Rush, is that you doing the voice-over? You’re very easy on the ears! You never know - sometimes you get the George Costanza marketing audio book thing.

I thought it was expensive, now I think it's a bargain!
Posted by Rafael Rodriguez from Quebec, Canada

Truly fantastic. dvds are pure gold. I saw 1 & 2 and skim the others. Truly I have learned more in this couple of hours than in full weekend courses.
Pragmatic, to the point and thorough. Congratulations Rush. I thought it was expensive, now I think it's a bargain!

You seem to be covering EVERYTHING which is great!
Posted by Eddie Wong from NY, NY

Customer Query: Hey Rush. I was wondering if any of the DVDs or the Special Situations Lighting DVD will have a segment on how to light a Green Screen properly.
DCT Response: Hi Eddie, yes, that is one of the subjects covered in the Lighting DVD.
Customer Response: Rush, awesome to hear that you have it covered in the Dvd. For some reason, I had a feeling it was going to be in it. You seem to be covering EVERYTHING which is great! Looking forward to your future Dvds. Thanks.

Thanks again for a great program.
Posted by Ted Spencer from NY, NY

I've been really enjoying the set and learning a great deal from it. Thanks again for a great program Rush!

Such a good looking product.
Posted by Steve Madsen from Brisbane, Australia

Dang you Rush. Such a good looking product... Thanks for the info.

Thanks for all your hard work and sharing your knowledge with us.
Posted by Tim Brehm from Detroit, MI

Just placed my order. Can't wait to get my hands on this one. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing your knowledge with us.
Customer Add'l: WhooooHoooooo, Just got my set today. Perfect timing, last day of school for a short vacation. Can't wait to get started. The pen and note pad are a cool idea. Thanks Rush. Cheers
Customer Add'l: I've been watching the DVD's for the past few days and I think my brain is bleeding. There is so much information on these disks it's incredible. Has to be one of the best purchases I have ever made for the money. Thanks again Rush and crew!

I think I know what to ask the folks for Christmas, as a continuing education gift.
Posted by Justyn from Orlando, FL

Now I see what you've been doing to occupy your time. I didn't know you were the force behind this. Congrats and it must have been a really big project. I think I know what to ask the folks for Christmas, as a continuing education gift... Congrats!